Visiting/Chaperoning Policy

Information for patients and chaperones

1)      Visiting hours for all hospital wards are 14:00-16:00. To preserve peace and tranquility in the wards and the comfort of the patients, please don’t expect visits outside the visiting hours.

2)      The patients in the wards Surgery Unit 1, Surgery Unit 2, Special Unit 1, and Internal Unit must be unaccompanied from 6:00-14:00, unless prearranged with the security, doctor or ward manager.

3)      Between 16:00-18:00, there is no need for the presence of chaperones in the wards, due to the cleaning of the rooms. Please cooperate with the security personnel in this regard.

4)      Chaperones can be replaced only up to 21:00. Chaperone replacement is not possible after 21:00, in order to preserve peace and tranquility in the wards and the comfort of the patients at night.

5)      Chaperones for female patients have to be female and chaperones for male patients have to be male.

6)      For the comfort of other patients please refrain from talking on phone in the ward corridors and patient rooms.

7)      The patients admitted to private rooms can only have one chaperone, who cannot be replaced before14:00.

8)      In order to preserve order, please refrain from standing opposite any of the wards, and use the waiting area on the second floor. In case you are needed, you will certainly be notified. Please cooperate with the regulatory staff in this regard.

9)      Do not bring any natural plant or flower to the hospital.

10)   Visitors under 15 years old are not allowed to enter any ward.

11)   Do not bring flasks, camp stoves, blankets, picnic rugs, pillows, and seeded fruits (pomegranates and watermelons ).