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specialty and subspecialty hospital

Enough reasons to choose Dena hospital?!

  • Is foremost in providing diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Provides service by medical experts of Shiraz.
  • Enjoys an experienced and committed healthcare staff, with 110 specialist and subspecialist doctors.
  • Is located in an area of more than 23000 square meters.
  • Has two  buildings with 11 medical units equipped with advanced medical facilities.
  • Enjoys advanced facilities in cardiac ICU, surgical ICU, neurosurgical ICU, Neonatal ICU, and CCU, with 50 beds and extra facilities.
  • Has 10 modern, advanced operating rooms with specialized general surgical, cardiac, orthopedic , Obstetrical/gynecological ,and pediatric surgical teams.
  • Is equipped with advanced facilities for water birth and painless birth under supervision of an anesthesiologist.
  • Provides angiography/angioplasty services with advanced devices
  • Provides lithotripter services along with modern equipment and devices
  • Has pediatrics unit, neonatal ICU, and playground for children
  • Provides infertilization treatment using IVF and IUI.
  • Has advanced facilities for digital radiography, mammography, bone density test,  multi-detector 16 slice CT-Scan , and 1.5 tesla MRI.
  • Has certificates for international patients (IPD), baby-friendly hospital, Has international license for helicopter-landing by day/night, the first helipad in the south of the country, and the possibility to receive patients by air ambulance.
  • Has laboratories, pathology centers, and a blood bank equipped with advanced equipment.
  • Has the 1st-grade national accreditation  and ISO9001 international certificate